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About Us

Definitions.Wiki is a platform that provides genuine answers when confusion conceals the reality of things.
Definitions.Wiki began its investigation of urban legends and folklore some time ago. Before most people had access to the internet, we joined forces to publish online. definitions.Wiki expanded in response to the rising need for trustworthy actual research. It is now one of the oldest and largest websites on the internet, widely regarded as an invaluable research companion by journalists, folklorists, and readers alike.

Our Objective

We aim to foster community among students by providing opportunities to generate ideas and learn from them. Our fundamental beliefs guide us in all that we do. Our core values unite us across borders, teams, and levels of management. All of us at definitions.Wiki have agreed on a set of core values that guide us in everything we do – from making decisions to collaborating to treating each other with respect.


Aren’t You On The Lookout For New Things?
  • Approach with awe, acknowledge mistakes with humility.
  • Change is something we welcome and look at as an opportunity to grow.
  • We constantly challenge the status quo to better ourselves, our work, and our team.


Be as ambitious as you possibly can. Reach as far as you can, and you’ll succeed. The sky’s the limit.
  • We go above and beyond the call of duty and strive for excellence.
  • If we make a mistake, we don’t dwell on it; instead, we make a course correction and move on.
  • Trust, respect, inclusion are our culture's foundation.


Your Lives Are Intertwined. Just Be Cooperative and Helpful.
  • Every time we need help, we seek it out and are always ready to help.
  • Collaboration drives us, in all interactions and decisions.
  • Every one of us possesses unique skills and knowledge that can benefit others.


Move Quickly. Be Thorough. Take Pride In Your Accomplishments.
  • We aim high and stick to our plans.
  • We take risks to innovate.
  • We own and deliver quality work on time.


Motivate, Educate, And Encourage. Show others the way.
  • We get to know our coworkers personally and lead by example.
  • We try to make a positive impact on others.
  • We believe team goals stem from company vision and strategy, and must be actionable.

“Together, we’re building definitions.Wiki “

Our team doesn’t has borders

Executive Team

Samantha Johnson

Founder & CEO
With over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, Samantha has built a reputation for leading successful media companies. Prior to joining, she served as the CEO of a leading health and wellness publication. Samantha is a seasoned operations executive with a background in finance and business strategy. He has worked with several high-growth startups in the past and is now responsible for overseeing’s day-to-day operations.

Editorial Team

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer is a seasoned editor with over a decade of experience in the publishing industry. She has worked with several leading health and wellness publications in the past and is responsible for setting’s editorial vision.

David Wong

Managing Editor
With a background in journalism and content marketing, David is responsible for managing’s editorial calendar and ensuring that all content meets the highest standards of quality.

Emily Davis

Senior Editor
Emily has been with since its early days and has played an instrumental role in shaping the company’s editorial voice. As Senior Editor, she oversees a team of writers and ensures that all content is accurate, engaging, and accessible.

Karen Brown

Associate Editor
Karen brings over 5 years of experience in health and wellness journalism to her role at She is responsible for assigning and editing articles across a wide range of topics, from mental health to nutrition.

James Kim

Editorial Assistant
James is an up-and-coming writer and editor who supports’s editorial team with research, fact-checking, and administrative tasks.

Content Team

Jessica Chen

Content Strategist
With a background in digital marketing and content strategy, Jessica is responsible for ensuring that’s content reaches the widest possible audience. She oversees the company’s content calendar, works closely with the editorial team, and tracks key metrics to optimize content performance.

Ryan Taylor

Senior Writer
Ryan is a versatile writer with a passion for health and wellness. He has written for several leading publications and is responsible for producing long-form articles and other content for

Sarah Rodriguez

Health Writer
Sarah is a health and science writer with over 3 years of experience covering a wide range of topics, from fitness to medicine. She brings a unique perspective to her work, combining a passion for storytelling with a commitment to accuracy and scientific rigor.

Emily Garcia

Wellness Writer
Emily is a wellness writer with a background in yoga and mindfulness. She specializes in writing about self-care, stress management, and other topics related to mental health and wellness.

Laura Nguyen

Nutrition Writer
Laura is a registered dietitian and nutrition writer with a passion for helping people make healthy choices. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role at, covering topics like plant-based diets, food allergies, and more.

Anthony Rivera

Contributing Writer
Anthony is a freelance writer who has contributed to several leading publications in the health and wellness space. He brings a fresh perspective to his work, covering topics like alternative medicine, fitness, and more.

Design Team

Andrew Kim

Creative Director
Andrew is a seasoned design professional with over a decade of experience in the field. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of’s design, from the website’s user experience to the visual identity of the brand.

Stephanie Chen

Art Director
Stephanie is an award-winning art director with a background in branding and advertising. She oversees’s visual design, from designing marketing materials to creating engaging graphics for articles.

John Lee

Graphic Designer
With a keen eye for detail and a passion for design, John is responsible for creating stunning graphics and illustrations for’s articles and other content.

Emily Lee

UX Designer
Emily is a user experience designer who is passionate about creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences. She works closely with the development team to ensure that’s website is easy to use and visually appealing.

Sales Team & Marketing Team

Rachel Smith

Director of Marketing
Rachel is a seasoned marketing professional with a background in digital marketing and branding. She is responsible for developing and executing’s marketing strategy, from social media campaigns to email marketing.

Jason Patel

Senior Marketing Manager
Jason is a data-driven marketing manager with a background in analytics and optimization. He is responsible for tracking and optimizing the performance of’s marketing campaigns, from SEO to paid advertising.

Christine Nguyen

Social Media Manager
Christine is a social media expert with a passion for building engaged communities. She oversees’s social media channels, creating engaging content and driving engagement with site’s audience.

Mark Lee

Director of Sales
Mark is a seasoned sales executive with a background in media and advertising. He is responsible for developing and executing’s sales strategy, from building relationships with advertisers to driving revenue growth.

Stephanie Johnson

Senior Account Manager
Stephanie is an experienced account manager who specializes in building long-term relationships with clients. She works closely with’s advertising partners to create custom campaigns that meet their unique needs.

Anthony Davis

Account Manager
Anthony is an up-and-coming account manager who is passionate about helping’s advertising partners achieve their goals. He works closely with the sales team to identify new opportunities and build relationships with clients.