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The 13 Best YouTube Channels for English Learning in 2022

Countless hundreds of thousands of English-language YouTube channels may be seen online. English can be learned through Book but nowadays, people prefer online learning.

You may find videos on just about any topic on YouTube, including language classes, science demonstrations, historical accounts, current terminology, idioms, entertaining facts, and even English for kids. To help you get ongoing, we’ve collected a list of the top English-language channels on YouTube. Let’s give it a go at them right now!

Is It Worth It To Study English On YouTube?

Do you wonder if it’s a good idea to use English-learning YouTube channels to improve your language skills? Ultimately, it proves to be a brilliant plan.

Moreover, I have compiled a summary of some of the benefits you will receive from utilizing YouTube to study English immediately:


1. Have Mr. Duncan Teach You English

Mr. Duncan considers himself an “English junkie,” meaning that he deeply appreciates the English language. Three days a week, he goes live from his English house on his YouTube channel, Speaks English With Mr. Duncan, to educate people all around the globe on how to speak English for free. Over a week, his engaging classes cover everything from nature and slang to current events and fashion. His films are engaging and simple to follow along with, and he emphasizes real-world language and pronunciation over dry grammatical rules.

2. Simple English

Although it does not provide formal instruction, Easy English is a top resource for those starting with the language. It’s the best way to learn the language and become acclimated to hearing it spoken by various native speakers and accents. There are native English speakers in each video and are having natural discussions and interacting with one another. People ask simple inquiries about the day or life when they are interviewed on the street.

3. English language instruction from BBC

You’d be pushed to find a better venue to study British English than the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a British institution. The BBC Learning English channel updates daily with a new lesson to help you learn English efficiently through various forms.

BBC News Review is another excellent resource since it has reporters delving deeper into current events and demonstrating how to incorporate vocabulary and expressions from recent news articles into everyday speech. Kids and adults may find helpful information and practice activities on the BBC’s Learning English website.

4. The ESL Classroom with Jennifer

Jennifer is the ideal English professor; she is approachable, thorough, and knowledgeable. She provides extensive playlists on her channel, Jennifer ESL, that cover all the bases of language study, from listening and speaking to reading and writing, grammar and vocabulary to pronunciation and American culture. You’ll be brilliant at following along with the rest of her class, just as you would in a real classroom.



With EnglishClass101, you will learn rapidly. The available video classes cover a wide variety of essential linguistic material. Lessons are typically more appropriate for students who already have a solid foundation in the language.

6. EF on the Move

The EF YouTube channel is unique among language-learning resources since it takes you on a virtual vacation while you study. The EF Vloggers will take you to some of the world’s greatest cities while covering linguistics and cultural topics. Learn the words and terminology in the videos as you go to Los Angeles with Angelina, Cape Town with Maria, and Vancouver with Asia.

7. Learning English with VOA

The concept comes from Voice of America, an international news and broadcasting service, and it’s brilliant. The VOA Learning English YouTube channel promotes learning American English with closed-captioned TV news programs that use more basic vocabulary and are read slower. In addition to strengthening your English, you’ll gain exposure to current events and practice listening to, and understanding spoken English.

8. Preply

No matter your current English proficiency or the specific topic of English you wish to study, you will find valuable resources on Preply’s YouTube channel. Videos on subjects as varied as grammar and business English are available.

Using YouTube, Preply teachers will share their expertise in the English language with you. If you find a teacher particularly fascinating or valuable, you can contact them directly through the video’s description to schedule a private lesson.

Preply has almost 2 million views and counting as of this writing; if you’re interested in joining the community, go to the channel and give some English videos a watch.

9. Canadian Bob

Are you learning English in 2021? You’ve undoubtedly heard of Bob the Canadian by then! A native of Toronto, Canada, he now raises his family of five children on a flower farm. A few years ago, for fun, he began to make YouTube videos for those who wanted to learn English.

Most of Bob’s clips are about regular folks dealing with typical problems. Bob uses straightforward English to describe everyday situations and exchanges, elaborating on any unfamiliar vocabulary as he goes. A wide variety of locations, from hardware stores to hotels to hospitals, have been open to his viewers. Bob has a pretty obvious accent, and he subtitles his movies, so even intermediate speakers should have no trouble following along. His films are popular because he is a genuinely pleasant person, and many of his viewers consider him a friend.


10. Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English is for you if you want to perfect your English pronunciation and sound more native. Rachel has extensive training in opera singing and is an expert English speaker. You’ll love her courses since she explains that helping students achieve fluency in everyday speech is her true calling.

11. A Business English Podcast

What are the repercussions if workplace English proficiency became a precondition for employment? You should avoid using language in meetings and presentations that you wouldn’t use in casual conversation. Check out Business English Pod, where you’ll find lessons on a wide range of challenging language scenarios, from “How to argue with ideas” to “How to make an offer,” as well as business, law, and the economy.

Kids and Language Instruction

12. Kids of the British Council for the Learning of English

The British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids is a program that makes learning English for kids both enjoyable and educational. You may find animated nursery rhymes, songs, and stories suitable for more minor children and straightforward “How to” movies, such as “How to make popcorn,” all presented by children. Listening to and singing along with English nursery rhymes is a great way to boost your memory and recall, regardless of age.

13. A Kid-Friendly English Playground

Fun Kids English is a fun place for kids of all ages to tune in. It was developed by educators, musicians, and established children’s book authors, so you know the films and songs are high quality and meant to instruct. Each weekly-updated movie is designed to teach kids something new: the alphabet, phonics, animals, meals, colors, activities, transportation, occupations, and more.

You may speed up your progress in learning English by including at least one video every day in addition to your regular language study routine.

Which English-Learning YouTube Channel Is Best?

Regarding studying English online, Rachel’s English is undoubtedly the most genuine, varied, extensive, and straightforward resource on YouTube.

You can’t go wrong with this resource, which has almost five million subscribers, over two million views, and new content every Tuesday.

Is YouTube Good for Learning English?

YouTube is an effective tool for language study due to the following reasons:

Nothing can stop you from becoming in English if you use our list of the 25 most OK English language channels on YouTube.