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How to Improve Your English with Netflix

Nowadays, Netflix has become popular, and most people love watching episodes and movies on Netflix. To master the English language to an advanced level, watching such films or series regularly is a must. But if you are an English student, then Netflix may be a terrific platform to learn English more effectively.

If you’re a movie lover and weren’t speak English fluently, this article will help you do both things side by side. To enhance your vocabulary, improve your accent and converse like a native, choose the good shows or movies which are undoubtedly helpful. Look at the top Netflix shows and movies to learn English online!

Tips and tricks to Learn English on Netflix

Top 9 Shows & Movies for Faster English Proficiency

The sudden increase in Netflix users is a worldwide story after the pandemic. Not surprisingly, given the streaming service’s selection of Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning TV series and films starring A-list actors. Following these simple tips and tricks, you can acquire more from Netflix if you’re a subscriber. Most of them are written in English, which is excellent news for ESL students.

Here’s some background knowledge to help you choose an English-learning program to watch on Netflix. You probably didn’t know this, but the leader of the Korean boy band Bangtan Sonyeondan, better known by their initials as BTS, picked up his English by watching a comedy on Netflix. During one of their appearances on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, RM admitted that the hit television show “Friends” serves as his English instructor.

This information supports the claim that learning English isn’t all that difficult once you start watching movies and TV episodes in English. However, effort and time are required. In addition, this post includes suggestions for shows to watch on Netflix to improve your English.

So, to the point: what should I watch on Netflix to better my command of the English language? Here is a rundown of some excellent English-language film options.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This show is best for those who love dark comedy. It’s a tragic tale of three orphans; the narrator, Lemony Snicket, describes the unfortunate events of these orphans in some complex terms, which can be a great way to learn English in a more fictitious way. Lemony Snicket’s 13-book series was split into three seasons.

Count Olaf is a crucial antagonist and a madman who plots to take the orphans’ riches. The children are extraordinarily astute and brave, yet they are put through the most unbelievable and terrifying ordeals.

Learning English will be aided by exposure to highly technical terms described in detail. The narration or characters will use a complex time, and the reader will be given a literal definition.

2. The Guernsey Literary

The movie “The Guernsey Literary” is an intensely moving drama. The film combines themes of love, history, and the significance of books. A London author uncovers the mysterious origins of a Guernsey-based writers’ group. The narrative began soon after World War II when the island was no longer under German control.

You can’t take your eyes off the display from the first minute of this profoundly emotional period piece. Students will be visible to a wide range of British dialects. You may even get some reading practice while watching the show by picking up the book from which the movie was adapted.

3. Sherlock

A contemporary take on the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock is a fan-made BBC show. While understanding the source material is not required, it may alter your impression of the show.

A typical episode of this British crime drama runs roughly 90 minutes throughout its four seasons. The show centers on Holmes, a “consulting detective,” who works with the Metropolitan Police Service, especially with Senior Inspector Greg Lestrade, to solve crimes. John Watson, his roommate who has just returned from serving in the military in Afghanistan, helps him out.

The series presents various criminals, although Holmes’ rivalry with Jim Moriarty remains a consistent plot point. This is an excellent option if you’re interested in studying contemporary British English while reading a gripping mystery thriller.

Despite the plethora of Sherlock Holmes adaptations on television, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make this one stand out from the crowd. This is an excellent book for traditional detective fiction fans looking for a fresh take on the genre.

4. Ozark

Ozark is the series you need to see if you enjoy sophisticated criminal dramas. The story follows a financial planner from Chicago who, when the Mexican cartel finds out he’s been stealing money from them, is forced to uproot his family and go to the Ozarks, a popular vacation spot in the American Midwest. It’s the sort of criminal show that Netflix excels at, so it’s entertaining to watch, and the language is straightforward.

This is one of the finest streaming shows on any platform regarding performance, character creation, writing, cinematography, and everything else. All the honors it has received are well deserved. The constant influx of plot twists and revelations throughout each season is one of the things that sets this show apart. Many notable characters came and went brutally during the Ozark series. Their deaths enrich the show’s continuous narrative in ways that have resonated with the show’s many viewers.

In particular, the character of Laura Linney’s character, who has become the most despicable person, even more than Hitler and Goebbels (she makes the drug dealers she works for look like people we’d like our kids to bring home for dinner), because of her desire for power, ostensibly to do good at any price, has expended all of her human values.

It’s not often that a person becomes the embodiment of evil while striving to better the world. Doubtfully, she would hesitate to put all of them in their graves if it meant promoting her beliefs. Thus Jason Bateman’s character Marty, who plays her husband, deserves many medals for putting up with her. But then the life of the family, including the kids, has been pushed into a drug cartel and local dealer money launderers make this a captivating series for those who want their television gritty and realistic.

5. Jane the Virgin

If you’re a Spanish speaker looking to improve your English skills, Jane the Virgin is your best chance. In the episode, a young Latina woman’s life is chronicled when she gets artificially inseminated by mistake. You might be right about having thoughts that this sounds like the storyline of a telenovela. There’s no need for Spanish speakers to feel lost in the program, as Jane, the Virgin is based on the Venezuelan soap opera Juana la Virgen and features at least two fluent characters.

The series is based in Miami and follows the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a young, hardworking, pious, Venezuelan-American lady with a passion for writing. When Jane is artificially inseminated by her doctor during a routine visit, her promise to her grandmother to wait to be married is jeopardized. Unfortunately, the biological father is married, a former playboy, and a cancer survivor who is also the new holder of the hotel where Jane works and happens to be her high school crush.

Given that this is the only remaining frozen sample, Jane must decide whether or not to allow Rafael, the biological father, to become a parent. In addition to the challenges of preparing for parenthood, Jane must also deal with the uncertainty of her professional future and the stress of deciding between the father of her child and her detective boyfriend of two years.

As her baby becomes a toddler, she advances in her writing profession, and other family members create their own stories, the series’ central conflicts also deepen. Immigration problems, health troubles, and character growth are a few themes explored.

6. Enola Holmes

The first novel in Nancy Springer’s “Enola Holmes” mystery series will be adapted into a film in 2020. This film is a must-see for anybody who enjoys mysteries on the big screen. To some extent, the character will resonate with you if you identify as a nerd or social misfit.

The protagonist, Enola, is a young woman who goes to London to look for her mother. However, she winds up on an exciting journey where she helps a fugitive lord while also solving puzzles and outwitting her brother. Enola, the younger sister of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, is shown here.

You may improve your English pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker by watching this film, which is also a fantastic resource for exposing yourself to British English. By picking up Enola Holmes’ sophisticated language, you may also wow others with your intelligence and sophistication.

7. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

One of the genres that would never fail to gratify a film enthusiast is teen love drama. Those fluttering sensations that the characters of this movie show would undoubtedly cause butterflies in your tummy. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a 2018 adolescent drama about Lara Jean’s secret love letters, which are uncovered. Her up-and-down romantic fortunes may be traced back to that one misstep. The novel begins with this chapter and is written by Jenny Han.

This trilogy might help you increase your vocabulary by learning new sentences or terms used by teens. It will also introduce you to American school university life and some cultural allusions from South Korea, the protagonist’s home.

8. 13 Reasons Why

It is a prevalent teen drama on Netflix because it effectively combines suspense and passion. Hannah Baker, a relative newcomer, is a young lady who commits suicide. A friend named Clay discovers a mystery package on his doorstep two weeks after her sad death. Inside the box are recordings of Hannah, the girl Clay had a crush on, discussing the 13 reasons she decided to end her own life.

Despite its creepy storyline, 13 Reasons Why is a fantastic resource for classroom English Student learning. Clay and Hannah’s alternating points of view tell this complex and emotionally heartbreaking story. By listening to the recordings, Clay may learn if and how he made a list. Every conversation raises the linguistic tone because of the feelings it evokes. Therefore, efficient interaction.

9. End of the F***ing World

British black comedy-drama series. The show follows 17-year-old James, who thinks he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa, an angry classmate who sees in James an opportunity to get away from her troubled family situation—also known as The End of the F***ing World.

This show may assist you in learning English more proficiently as the show narrates the feelings and thoughts of James and Alyssa so well. Both of the characters are also narrators of themselves. The mini-comics that inspired the series were written and drawn by Charles Forsman and published in 2013 as The End of the Fucking World.

This is easily one of the finest shows on Netflix. James, the protagonist, is a psychopath who pretends to love Alyssa so he may kill her. However, the longer he spends with her, the more he begins to care for her. The TV show features a grand narrative, excellent acting, and excellent music.

More Netflix Tips for English Students

As an English language student, it’s encouraging to know that there’s always room for improvement. To improve your English, practice the following tips while viewing some of Netflix’s most popular episodes and movies.

1. Begin and Expand

Beginning at your current skill level is strongly suggested, especially for those with nonexistent English vocabulary. You might start with movies or TV shows with minimum episodes or limited series.

This trick will help you may progressively improve your vocabulary and listening skills. Movies and TV shows are constantly available with increasing difficulty levels, so if you’re ready for more, you can always watch them.

2. Put on Subtitles and Watch

Subtitles in various languages make Netflix shows accessible to a broader audience. There is no need for you to use an English subtitle. It’s best to begin with, the language you feel most fluent in. Choose the English subtitles if you feel confident in your proficiency in the language. Use subtitles until you no longer need them to understand dialogue in English films and TV shows.

To better understand the content, please re-watch the sections that you found confusing. If you want to rewind the show you’re viewing, go ahead. If you’re enjoying movies or TV shows that are challenging to understand, this advice is for you. If you oversight an episode or a specific segment, you can always go back and view it whenever you choose. You might be able to improve your reading comprehension by doing this, so it’s not all bad.

3. Prepare Notes

It will aid if you keep in notice that learning English is one of your objectives. To remember anything new, you can pause the movie and write down a word or phrase that grabs your attention. Any time you don’t know the definition of a term, open any online dictionary and look it up.

4. Practice by speaking

Many platforms are available to help you improve your English, like dialogue exercises and dictionaries, but you may also learn new words and phrases by listening to audio recordings. Hear a line and think about how you might use it in a discussion.

Try to communicate in English with your siblings and friends as a person might feel more comfortable around their friends and siblings. Such a type of communication will help you to improve your accent and pronunciation.

5. Never Neglect the Need for Sleep

Suppose you’re watching a long series, just like 13 reasons why; remember to look after yourself so you can acquire the benefits of this platform to the fullest. However, if the show or movie is so compelling, remember that you should never include sitting still for more than a few hours. Also, take little pauses to stand and stretch every so often. If you’re concerned about trailing the track of time while viewing, just set the alarm on your phone.

Moreover, schedule your viewing time and try to keep to it. Do not feel guilty about pausing if you need to; tomorrow is always a new day. Get used to the excitement of waiting. Therefore, it’s essential to take a break and give your eyes a rest. Maintaining a steady equilibrium is necessary. In the end, getting enough rest and generally taking care of yourself will benefit you more than studying English.

Last But Not Least

Using Netflix sensibly and for a specific purpose can help you relax without feeling guilty. Develop self-control and enjoy the benefits of studying English while indulging in sinful pleasure.

The simple fact is that numerous shows and series on Netflix can aid in your efforts to learn and master the English language. Remember, though, that this is not something that can be accomplished instantly. Make the most of your membership, but don’t forget to watch responsibly and have fun.